WiSHABI is a wireless, single-handed, accelerometer-based, USB-HID compliant, PC interface. It was implemented on 2x ATmega8 devices and utilises Objective Development's V-USB Driver.

Abstract extract:

The following report describes the design and construction of a system which enables comprehensive control of a PC, via a wireless, hand-held device without the need for additional driver software. The system consists of a receiver-unit which connects directly to a PC (utilising the USB protocol) and a transmitter-unit which fits comfortably in the user’s hand. Two modes of operation exist; mouse-mode and keyboard-mode. When operating in mouse-mode, the device acts as a wireless mouse and the motion of the on-screen cursor corresponds to the tilt-angles of the transmitter-unit. Keyboard-mode allows text-entry of the alphanumerical character set by means of combined transmitter tilt-orientation and button presses. The tilt-orientation of the transmitter-unit is detected by means of a tri-axis accelerometer.

Download: WiSHABI_20081121.zip

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