PPM RC to USB Interface

This project is a USB joystick controlled by a PPM radio remote control transmitter. There are a lot of such projects around based on different MCUs and USB drivers. But this one is Open Source. It provides very accurate PPM handling and a number of filtering options. Home constructors will like the optional servo tester mode and ADC interface instead of PPM for self-made control boxes.

This project was contributed by Oleg Semyonov, but Oleg does not maintain it any more. If you want to take ownership of this project, please do so and add a note here in the Wiki.

Please remember to set LFUSE to EFh to make sure the external crystal oscillator is utilized. This is not documented in the readme.txt or elsewhere.
Provided source code compiles also with the current IAR Embedded Workbench, Version 5.50 (as of 2010-10-09).

Download: rcu_20060811.zip

For a complete list of projects based on V-USB see Objective Development's projects list.

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