Arcade Joystick Panel Controller for Mame

This project implements a Mame panel which includes controls for:

  • Mame Games by Joystick / Mouse devices
  • Mame / OS user interface by Keyboard device
  • OS Volume control by Consumer device

To double the number of inputs a "Shift switch" is used:

  • Shift Switch off: Control Mame games by using Joystick / Mouse / Keyboard
  • Shift Switch on: Control additional Mame / Volume / OS functions

All functions are implemented as HID devices, no host drivers are needed.

There are 2 versions available:

  • Atmega8 providing 18 inputs (2 x 17 functions)
  • Atmega32 providing 30 inputs (2 x 29 functions)

(see ReadMe.txt for a detailed description)

V1.1 Added support for up to 8 buttons per Joystick device

V1.2 Added Atmega32 version for 2 Joystick devices using 8 buttons, no mouse
Updated to vusb-20100715

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