What is V-USB?

V-USB is a firmware-only implementation of a USB 1.1 compliant low-speed device for Atmel's AVR microcontrollers. It runs on any AVR microcontroller which has at least 2 kB of Flash memory, 128 bytes RAM and can be clocked at 12 MHz. No UART, timer, input capture unit or other special hardware is required (except one edge triggered interrupt).

V-USB can be licensed freely under the GNU General Public License or alternatively under a commercial license.

For more information see Objective Development's web site.

What's this Wiki good for?

This Wiki is intended for two things:

  • Document the driver API and usage in a way where everybody can add comments and hints.
  • Provide a platform where people can publish their projects if they don't have their own web site. See Projects Hosted on Wiki for details.

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